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Friday, 6 June 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Spoiler alert- Please do not read this review if you haven't read Allegiant yet.

The first two books of the Divergent trilogy were really interesting and hard to put down. But the third book, Allegiant was really disappointing. I really thought that Caleb would die instead of Tris. The ending, which is always the most important part of a trilogy, was completely unexpected. Take an example of the epilogue of Mockingjay by  Suzanne Collins. Even though I personally like Divergent more than The Hunger Games, the epilogue of THG was really nice. Many of my favourite characters died in THG too, but at least the main characters didn't. Allegiant would've been such a good book if 'Chapter 50' would have been a little different. 

Well, the book has some good parts too. The fact that it is written in a dual perspective is commendable. Also, the last part when Tobias goes for zip lining despite of his fear of heights was also really nice. 

I finally got to know what the term 'Divergent' exactly means which was nothing but a variation in one's genes. I think the author could have explained this in short, rather than using so many scientific terms which weren't required. But, I really liked the part when Tris read her mother's diary and she got to know about how her mother entered the experiment with her dad.

I think Tori and Uriah's death was totally  unnecessary. Wasn't Tris' death enough? Also, in many parts of the book, Four looked like a very sadistic person just waiting for an excuse to fight with somebody. Four's POV was exactly like Tris' POV. One of the main reasons behind writing a book in a dual-narrative is that the readers get to know the character better, which I couldn't. The only part where I liked Four's POV was after Tris' death, to be very honest.

I know that I have criticised the book very much, but every book has it's own plus and minus points. Not all books have happy fairy-tale like  endings. The ending was really sad, but realistic and heartrendingly beautiful. The book was just a 50-50 for me. Reading Allegiant wasn't was mistake, neither was it a great decision.

                                                                                                          ~Mahek Ghelani

P.S I'm really new to this :) Comments and suggestions would be appreciated :D