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Monday, 5 January 2015


In this sequel to the very well-known Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the Pine tree(Thalia), which protects the camp from any invasion by monsters is poisoned, and the camp is under a lot of danger. The camp is now an easy target for any monster to attack, and hence, everyone is worried. To save the camp,Percy and his friends would have to go on a quest to find the 'Golden Fleece'. But where is the Golden Fleece?


Usually, the sequels to many books start getting somewhat tedious, but this book kept forcing me to read further.Note- Percy Jackson books are extremely addictive and arduous to put down until the book is complete. ☺
In this book, I could actually sense Percy's water-related powers, because most of the time, they were in the sea. One thing that I like a lot is that after every action sequence Percy cracks a joke or two, just to lighten up the reader's mood. I don't think you would find any Percy Jackson book to be extremely serious, grave or dull! 

The Percy Jackson series has earned a lot of admiration from the teenagers all around the world. Comments like- "You look like Polyphemus" and "Hey Medusa, what's up?" are no longer bizarre. Unlike many other books which have been quite well-known, the PJO books won't end up disheartening you in any manner; may it be the death of your favorite character, or the extremely protracted action sequences. Let me tell you, these books will end up becoming classics in the next 50-75 years!

If you have read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, you must be knowing that the end is not much of a cliffhanger. But, on the contrary, if you read the last page of this book, you can't wait until you get your hands on The Titan's curse. ☺Luckily, I had The Titan's Curse right beside me as I completed reading this book, so it wasn't that difficult for me! 

The parts that I LOVED IN THIS BOOK ♥

  • When Grover wore a wedding dress. 
  • When The Party Ponies Invaded.
  • C.C's Spa and Resort.
  • When they had to fight with Scylla and Charybdis 
Okay, so I don't think I can write anything bad at all about the Percy Jackson books! Everything is just so unique and interesting that any fan would have wished there were at least a hundred books in this series. There isn't anything that I didn't like, but when somebody would ask me whether I would prefer The Lightning Thief over The Sea of Monsters, I would say yes. The only reason why is because the adventure was longer in the first book! 
 Anyways, I think the PJO fandom is one of the largest fandoms on the internet. There are memes and fanfictions everywhere. Obviously, there has to be a valid reason behind all of this fangirling!

Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters was a good read, and I enjoyed flipping every single page of this book. I would recommend everyone to read this thinking that this book is basically meant for us to know better about all the other demigods, and some new characters that are introduced in the book. This time, the readers got the see a darker side of Camp Half-Blood, which was because the monsters had invaded and all that. Sea Of Monsters is just another perfect book by Rick Riordan,and I found this book to be quite delightful to read. ☺

~ Mahek Ghelani ♥

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